Study Summary

The Next Generation Brain Health study is an international research project exploring brain health in young adults aged 18-39 years. Young adults are a neglected group in brain health research even though exposure to many lifestyle-related risk factors for dementia (e.g., depression and alcohol use) begins during this life stage. Our goal is to identify risk and resilience factors for brain health that are most important in young adulthood, so that we can intervene and prevent future dementia.

About us

The Next Generation Brain Health study is led by researchers Dr Francesca Farina, Dr Laura Booi, Dr Sarah Gregory and Katie Wells. The study is supported by the Next Generation Working Group, which comprises early and mid-career researchers based at leading universities in the Europe, North America and Africa.

Study aims

There are four phases to the Next Generation Brain Health study:

Phase 1: Patient and Public Involvement (PPI)
Initiated 2022

Phase 2: Focus groups
Completed Autumn 2022

Phase 3: International survey
Launched September 2023

If you are aged 18-39 years and would be interested in completing the survey you can access the survey via the following link

Phase 4: Cohort study
In development

Funders and collaborators

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