“By 2025, an estimated one million people in the UK and Ireland will have dementia. Our goal is to find ways to detect it before symptoms appear. We hope to help predict who is at greatest risk of developing dementia, and help deliver new treatments that slow or prevent the disease.”

Our research

The PREVENT Dementia study aims to identify the earliest signs of dementia, which scientists believe may occur in the brain decades before symptoms appear.

Our goal

We hope to find ways to predict who is at greatest risk of dementia, so that we can intervene and prevent the disease taking hold.

Get Involved

We recruit healthy volunteers in middle age (aged 40 – 59) to identify biological and psychological factors that may increase their risk of dementia in later life.

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Anonymous 001

Being in the study is not just interesting but also like having regular health checks allowing me to spot and correct any health issues I may have before I have even noticed them. The data collected by the study may also be useful for other studies making my contribution all the more valuable.

Anonymous 002

Seeing the effect on my parents’ lives of my father’s Alzheimer’s and Vascular Dementia, the opportunity to take part in this research programme was welcomed. Helping the search for answers to why and who might develop dementia, even in a very small way, has been both interesting and rewarding.