Around the World Update

We are now a third of the way into our 12 month running challenge and more than a third of the way around the world! Starting from the midline of the equator we have traveled across Africa, the vast Indian ocean, Malaysia and Indonesia. From humble beginnings our running group has grown to over 100 strong with dedicated runners donating their kilometers from the UK, Luxembourg, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Russia, Slovenia, Republic of Ireland, Australia, The USA and Belgium!

We continue to feel humbled by the dedication of our runners who pound the pavement every day to spread our important message. Cardiovascular exercise, activities which get your heart pumping faster, is vital for our emotional and physical health – including brain health. In fact, getting regular exercise during mid-life may be one of the most beneficial life style changes you can make to protect future brain health. A future without dementia will take collaboration on a global scale and we are so grateful to all of our runners from across the world for joining us in our challenge.


Our Global Network of Runners

Below is a map of all the nations represented in the PREVENT Dementia Running Challenge. Sign up today and help us paint the world blue!


Progress so Far

So how are we doing? We have now traveled a total distance of 15,140kms along the equator. We are more than a third of the way to our goal. 


If we continue at this pace it looks like we are well on the way to smash our target!


Flags Quiz

Our journey around the equator has led us through 9 countries so far. Can you identify each flag and name the nations we have visited? Answers at the bottom of the page…  



Fantastic Fundraisers

We are delighted to have been so well supported by members of our running team who have taken the challenge to the next level in a bid to raise funds for the PREVENT Dementia Programme. All of their amazing efforts will directly benefit the research we can carry out and help us define evidence-based strategies for the prevention of dementia. 

Click on the name of a Fantastic Fundraiser below to read their story. 


    Douglas Anderson tackled a gruelling 53 miles of the West Highland Way in the ‘Highland Fling’ ultramarathon 






Karina Jeromino-Martinez took on her first half marathon in Edinburgh this May 



Louise MacGillivray completed Tough Mudder Scotland in memory of her grandmother    



Lee Wilson ran her first Marathon



Pauline Ward surpassed her target of contributing 100km to the global challenge        








Onward to South America  


We are thrilled to have now passed the 100 runners mark. We are always looking for new supporters to join us and look forward to welcoming new members to our team as we push on around the equator. 

You can join our team here


Our Around the World campaign aims to spread awareness of the global importance of protecting brain health in the mission to prevent dementia. Sponsorship of our amazing team members also raises crucial funds to support our research into detecting, understanding and intervening in the diseases that cause dementia. 

So far we have raised over £7000


You can Support our Runners here


Thank you to all our runners and supporters from around the globe. Our challenge owes everything to you and every single step we take together to PREVENT Dementia. 


Follow the team’s live progress this week:


Flag Quiz Answers

A) Kenya, B) Gabon, C) Indonesia, D) Somalia, E) Uganda, F) Republic of Congo, G) Sao Tome and Principe, H) Republic of Maldives, I) Democratic Republic of Congo