Watch: Meet Our Researchers

In 2019 the PREVENT Dementia Programme held it’s first General Assembly. Hosted by Trinity College Dublin, this meeting provided an opportunity for researchers from across the PREVENT network to gather and exchange ideas on the many different plans for analysis of all areas of the cohort data. Here we meet a number of our PREVENT researchers, discover their roles within the programme and ask how they found the inaugural PREVENT General Assembly.

Sarah Gregory // PhD Student & Study Coordinator // Edinburgh


Dr Riccardo Marioni // Genetics Lead // Edinburgh


Coco Newton // PhD Student // Cambridge


Prof Brian Lawlor // Principal Investigator // Dublin


Prof Alison Wray // Linguistics Lead // Cardiff


Dr Elijah Mak // Postdoctoral Researcher // Cambridge


Prof John O’Brien // Principal Investigator & Imaging Lead // Cambridge


Rob Hilary // PhD Student // Edinburgh


Dr Stephen Carter // Postdoctoral Researcher// Cambridge