A Marathon Effort to PREVENT Dementia

Athletes ready at the starting line

This weekend sees our fantastic CDP runners take on the streets of Edinburgh once more for the Edinburgh Marathon Festival 2018. Following the brilliant success of our marathon relay teams last year we are again out in force and are thrilled to be represented in the 5k, 10k and relay marathon runs.

Our team comprises a great mix of participants, supporters and researchers, all dedicated to raise funds for the PREVENT dementia programme. PREVENT Dementia is a globally significant study that seeks to understand the origin and progression of brain changes eventually leading to the development of dementia. The study will assess detailed biological and cognitive markers from 700 volunteers between the ages of 40-59. PREVENT aims to provide a novel insight into these very early disease indicators that occur in the brain prior to the onset of dementia to improve our understanding of dementia risk. We hope that, in the future, we can empower people to protect their brain health and, if necessary, intervene with targeted drugs or other therapies to tackle dementia as early as possible.

We have received fantastic support for our runners so far and the funds raised from all their hard work will help us to grow the PREVENT project and improve our understanding of dementia risk and strategies for prevention.

We have been incredibly honoured to receive such great public backing for the project so far and we could not have achieved all our progress to date without the selfless donations of our supporters. To learn more about this year’s runners and to back the team please visit our JustGiving page where we would be extremely grateful for any donation no matter how small.

We are working hard to achieve our ultimate goal of a world without dementia. The road to success in this endeavour will prove a marathon, not a sprint and with your support we can get there.